The Dark Side of New York is Smell

The Dark Side of New York is Smell


As we all know about the famous city New York. It is famous for its bright lights, Beautiful and huge buildings, and busy streets. In all these positives there is one negative point which is “smell”. Yes you are reading the right word which is smell. We all know about the brightness of New York but there is one dark side. In this article, we will know about this smell, where it comes from and what are the effects of this odour.


Where Does Smell Come From?


New York City is a combination of different aromas. All have its own unique cause and characteristics. Following are the main reasons of causing smell in the city of new york:


  1. A huge population which is about 14 million and a lot of businesses and regular constructions have different types of smell which affect the environment and cause air pollution in that area. This city produces a large quantity of waste.


  1. The main reason for the smell is homelessness and public urination in the streets of new york city, which results in the smell in the street.


  1. Another reason is the city’s extra traffic blockage and ongoing building projects which releases an ongoing stream of exhaust fumes and smoke, further contributing to the unpleasant amalgamation of smells.


  1. Sewer and drainage complications: The ageing infrastructure and heavy rainfall can result in sewer backups and flooding, giving rise to a repugnant odour that permeates the air.


The Effects of the Smell:


The odour in NYC goes beyond being a mere annoyance; it significantly impacts the health and wellness of both residents and visitors.


– To Breathe in the combination of pollutants and  matter can cause respiratory issues such as asthma, pneumonia and pulmonary fibrosis.


– Effects on mental health: The continuous sensory assault can lead to increased stress, anxiety, and depression.


– Financial repercussions: The unpleasant smell may discourage tourists and businesses, ultimately impacting the local economy.

The Effects of the Smell
The Effects of the Smell

How to Overcome a Smell?


NYC is making many efforts to overcome this smell. Some more works should be done for reducing smell:


  1. Improves waste management and sanitation services. Make a large increase in plantation trees which could result in the most fresh air ever.
  2. Public awareness campaigns aimed at reducing littering and instances of public urination. Make a structural barrier in the odring areas and residential areas.
  3. Enhance the city’s public works, especially in disposal and drainage systems.
  4. Implementation of green initiatives to minimise exhaust fumes and encourage the adoption of clean energy sources.


In Short:


The smell of New York shows the dark side to the citizens and foreigners which gives bad impacts. By knowing and analysing this serious issue we can give us a boost up, nature’s friendly environment of New York. It is important to represent the negative impact of NYC’s Smell for a more memorable and enjoyable tomorrow in New York for you!






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